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Breaking Down A Cleaning

Although we want to clean your business if you want to do it yourself, here are some cleaning hacks to ensure your space is cleaned thoroughly.

  1. Start By Cleaning Higher Surfaces: Nothing is more frustrating than collapsing after a whole afternoon of scrubbing walls to realize dirt was covering the surfaces that you cleaned. So when you are cleaning it’s important to remember the importance of moving from higher surfaces to lower ones.
  2. Breaking Down Cleaning By Rooms: When cleaning you might feel overwhelmed by all the work that needs to get done. When cleaning your home the best way to focus and use your time effectively is by breaking each room down into smaller to-do lists. For example:
    a. Kitchen: Polish Cabinets, Deep Clean Around Major Appliances, Tidy Countertops, etc.
    b. Bathroom: Wash Curtains, Clean Shower Doors, and Declutter Vanity.
    c. Living Room: Freshen Furniture, Dust Frames, Dust Under Electronics, etc.

Most people will give themself a day a week to complete all cleanings needed to manage the upkeep of their space. To get the most out of that one day you should prep it by planning out what you want to accomplish out of each room. If you want your business cleaned you shouldn’t stress, just hire the team of professionals here at Elite Business Cleaning.