Reliable Post-Construction Cleaning
Services in Iowa City


Remodeling a home or office space, as well as constructing a new building, is a major investment. These projects, however, are not complete without the removal of debris.


Let Elite Business Cleaning take care of the mess left behind by construction workers. As a trusted provider of residential and commercial post-construction cleanup services in Iowa City, we turn your home or office from a messy jobsite to a tidy and presentable space.

Why Clean Up a Property After a Construction Job

Debris and other materials left behind by contractors pose a health hazard for you and the occupants of your building. Inhaling construction dust may cause respiratory problems. Post-construction cleaning gets rid of the debris and leftover construction materials to make sure that your property is safe and ready for occupancy.


Construction cleanup also allows you to enjoy your renovated or newly constructed property. You’ll feel confident showcasing your spotless and beautiful interior to guests or clients.


Let Us Put Your House or Commercial Building Back in Shape

Our post-construction cleaners have the experience and equipment to perform detailed and deep cleaning on your home or business. We complete clean-up jobs to the highest standards by finishing the project right, quickly, and on time.


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